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The addition of a driver to your insurance policy could influence your policy premium depending on individual factors. While most people are looking to save on the expenses of vehicle cover, for safe measure, including drivers in your household or a trusted roommate to your auto insurance can prevent a failure to receive coverage in an accident when you are not the driver. The following provides a breakdown of what you need to know before including someone in your car insurance profile.

An affordable car insurance policy involves research, comparisons, time and effort to ensure you are receiving a good deal. If you have full or liability cover, and someone who is not listed in your policy drives your vehicle and suffers an accident, your insurer will not pay out. You can add a second driver to the policy, but it may change your premiums.

Will Adding Someone to Your Car Insurance Policy Hurt Your Pocket

Can Adding a Driver Decrease My Insurance Premium?

Most reputable car insurance companies may offer a minor reduction in the policy premium if the person added to the contract is clear of any poor driving records. When you add a second driver who may use the vehicle frequently, the only way you could save with no added cost to the premium or an actual decrease, is if they have no previous history of a car accident, claims and prior records that would deviate from sound driving practices. The individual should be older than 25 to 30 years of age and possess their driving license for some time. These factors are important and must be carefully considered when choosing to add someone to the policy.

How Young Drivers Benefit from Additional Policy Drivers

If you are paying an exorbitant rate for your car insurance, one strategy to get it reduced is to add an older driver to the policy. While a relative is preferred, the person should be over 30 years of age and possess a safe, licensed driving record. This is a great option if your or your family member will drive the vehicle often. If not, and you are the main driver, then it is not advised that an older person be listed as the main driver to take advantage of reduced rates. It could constitute fraud and you will not receive cover if you are involved in a car accident.

When a Policy Increases when Adding Another Driver

If a younger driver is included in a policy, your premiums will rise. Younger drivers are considered to carry high-risk and unfortunately, if you add someone below 30 to 40 years of age, you could face skyrocket premium prices.

Individuals with similar driving records, such as married couples, can include their partner on their cover. The policy will increase, but only by a moderate amount.

For persons living with you who frequently drive the vehicle, it is important to inform your insurer. If a friend or a family member drives the car from time to time, additional cover for a second driver with a license is available if you possess minimum insurance. Speaking to your insurance provider is the best way to learn about the extent of cover and policy prices.

Will Adding Someone to Your Car Insurance Policy Hurt Your Pocket
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Will Adding Someone to Your Car Insurance Policy Hurt Your Pocket
A common question about car insurance we get is about adding drivers to your policy. Adding a driver can change your policy.
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