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Cape Coral Condo Insurance

There are a great deal of advantages to living in a Condominium. There’s less home maintenance (no grass!) and simple access to social luxuries. Also remember: an individual condo insurance policy should have protection for your personal things, better known as contents.  Like any type of homeowners insurance, you’re in charge of protecting your own property when living in a Condo building. Your condo association provides protection that will covers the building’s outside, yet not the your contents inside. The condo association policy is called a Master Condo Policy.  This policy may also have flood coverage for the building, if a flood policy has been purchased.

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Get Condo Insurance Quotes

To get the best quotes here are the condo insurance coverage basics.  There are six main types of coverage that apply to a condo unit Insurance policy.  All condo coverage types have a minimum and maximum coverage amount called coverage limits. Keep in mind: Your association master policy does not secure your redesigns nor your individual contents. It is your obligation to repair your floors, paint, backdrop, and other inside features.

Coverage A: Provides coverage for the structure of your condo

This coverage is for increases and adjustments to your condo unit, or property which is particularly your obligation as per your Association. This incorporates things of your individual property permanently fixed to your condo unit that is not secured for coverage by the associations master insurance policy.

Coverage A (Structure) Common Limits:  Usually range from $25,000 in coverage up to $500,000 in coverage

Coverage C: Insures your contents

This insurance coverage is for your own personal possessions, whether they’re on or off the premises of your residence. Coverage C also includes the personal property of any guests that may be located within or on the premises of your residence.

Common Limits to Coverage C:  Minimum coverage is $25,000 and maximum is $200,000

Important Information Regarding Coverage C

As you comparison shop and look into coverage being offered by other insurance companies, read the fine print to find whether they provide coverage for the replacement cost of contents. If you are not covered for the cost to replace your belongings, items that are damaged, stolen or somehow lost are only valued at their actual value, not what it would cost you to replace. This cash value is determined by the current market value and deducting for depreciation over time and the normal wear and tear of used items.


Coverage D: Insures the “Loss of Use” of an uninhabitable condo

If something unforeseen occurs and your condominium suddenly becomes uninhabitable as a result of a covered loss, your policy with Security First Insurance will cover the additional costs incurred by you and/or your family due to being forced to live away from your condo. These costs would include the place where you would be staying, food and needed clothing.

Common Limits to Coverage D:  This is usually limited to 40% of your Coverage C

Important Information Regarding Coverage D

It is crucial that you keep track of all your receipts so that you can receive reimbursement for all your covered costs and expenses. Rather than giving you a check that would delay your getting the cash you need while the bank processes the check, we give our policyholders a pre-paid debit card that they can activate and begin using immediately. You would not have to wait to be reimbursed for your expenses, which would be extremely helpful in these situations. This is among the many 21st Century solutions that we at Security First Insurance have put in place to maintain our reputation of providing unparalleled customer service on every level.

Coverage E: Personal Liability Insurance

This provides you with insurance protection in the event a lawsuit was filed against you that claimed they suffered property damage or bodily injury caused by you. Personality liability insurance can offer you protection in unforeseen situations, like someone tripping on a garden hose and spraining their ankle. Liability coverage will cover specified costs for your legal defense, even if the lawsuit is totally groundless, full of lies and basically fraudulent.

Coverage F: Insures Medical Payments

This policy would provide medical payments on behalf of other people not residing with you, in the event they sustain an injury on your property or due to your property, or are injured by you or a member of your family living with you.

Loss Assessment Coverage

You are insured up to the specified limits on your policy for any assessments made by your condominium association for damages that may have been caused to the condo premises due to the hazards covered under your policy.

Increasing Mold Coverage Limit

A $10,000 limit is standard on a property insurance policy in Florida. See example claims scenario’s to see how increase coverage limits works.

Homeowners Tips

A few simple tips for lowering your home insurance rates. Also some claims scenario’s to watch our for regarding dogs, and vacant rental properties