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You need to understand most of the glaring differences that you are likely to encounter in insurance coverage and get some extra guidance on areas that might not be clear to you. In some of the auto insurance policy, most customers find out that they are not covered by the insurance company like the expected. Typically this happens due to lack of enough knowledge on what the insurance coverage you get entails. A gap may also occur when the policy you took doesn’t offer coverage to a particular risk. However, the package may be available, but you fail to purchase it. An insurance coverage gap is a kind of risk you find in an auto insurance that is not covered by the insurance policy.

How can you identify good car insurance coverage?

A good auto insurance policy will cover most of the basic car insurance coverage that every driver would require. They provide excellent protection for most common events that you can always file a claim. Also, several other auto coverage’s applying to specific events that cause damage to your vehicle or some specific needs you may require if involved in an accident.

gaps in auto coverage

How can you find the most common Auto coverage gaps?

Finding out the most common auto coverage gaps you need to seek advice from claim professionals in insurance coverage. There are typically three main insurance gaps in that all shares a common feature, similar insurance gaps and a misconception that may lead to an inadequate coverage. Herein are the three most common gaps in the auto coverage:

Value articles coverage

Your vehicle includes some most valuable personal property that deserves a policy that uniquely covers them. It is essential to ensure that your car is covered fully from any loss that may occur assuring you of recovering your full asset in case of theft or accident. You need to evaluate the full total amount that your vehicle is worth and ensure that your policy fully covers it. Estimate the replacement value and communicate it to the auto coverage to know the exact amount it will cost you and avoid losses.

Value coverage gaps will mostly occur in your auto coverage when you don’t fully cover your vehicle against all misfortunes. The insurance policy will only be liable to compensate any loss that occurs as stated in the policy. It becomes painful when an accident occurs, and you realize that your policy had specific limits. You should liaise with your insurance agent and ensure that everything you need to cover is detailed in your policy.

Gap from loss of use coverage

Auto coverage gap may also occur when you get involved in an accident, and your car reserved for repairs in the shop. Most people think that they will still be able to commute simply because their auto coverage includes reimbursement of rental cars. The fact remains that when a covered loss occurs and requires that the vehicle is taken to the shop for repairs most of the customers are unaware that the base policy they entered with the auto coverage does not help them pay the cost incurred in a rental car. Their unawareness typically limits them from commuting contrary to their thoughts. In cases where you use other means to travel either from relatives or use public transportation, it will be your additional cost. However, if you decide not to use any means your loss to coverage may be a great valuable addition to your policy.

Gap of original equipment manufacturer coverage

A difference may occur when your car especially the luxurious cars are involved in an accident, and you think that the repair of the damaged part is substituted with other new and original parts manufactured by the make of your vehicle. In most cases, the insurance coverage tends to minimize the cost incurred in repairing your car by replacing the damaged parts with those not manufactured by the original manufacturer. The repairs are disappointing as your prized sports car loses its initial value and status.

You need to enter a discussion with your independent insurance agent of your preferences. It is important always to ensure that any repair made to your vehicle are made using original parts of the manufacturer of your car and otherwise a breach of contract.

Can you be able to avoid gaps in your coverage?

Rarely will you find yourself avoiding these coverage gaps in your policy simply because there is no combination of policies or insurance coverage adequately protects you from every single risk you are likely to encounter? However, with your independent insurance agency, you can be able to identify most of the obvious gaps and address them right.

Insurance gaps are typically hard to detect if you are not aware of what your policy entails or by just assuming that the policy covers you, but in a real sense you aren’t.

Comprehensive coverage

Most motor vehicle owners fail to dig deep on what the policy covers. As the name suggests, applies to almost any loss that you may encounter but doesn’t apply to those that occur because of auto accident. The coverage only pays for damages or losses to your car caused by any misfortune other than from another vehicle. It’s therefore, important to ensure that you understand every bit of your policy to avoid gaps and disappointments.

Three of the Most Common Gaps in Auto Insurance Coverage
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Three of the Most Common Gaps in Auto Insurance Coverage
Three of the most common gaps in Auto Insurance Coverage are insureds not having equipment coverage, loss of use, and loan value gap coverage.
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