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The car safety technology has come a long way. Technology hopefully should continue to make insured’s safer, resulting in cheaper car insurance rates. However, it is only recently that several features came to being. A while back, the airbag was the only greatest feature that cars had. The feature still plays a big role in ensuring that drivers and passengers are safe in severe accidents. However, safety technology has moved to preventive measures and ways to eliminate the human error factor from the road. Human error is the greatest cause of road accidents in the history of driving.

The most recent focus of the car safety technology is the adaptive cruise control or the collision avoidance systems. The system uses a combination of sensors and cameras (often radar and laser cameras) to detect a car that may be approaching too fast or where the car is too close to another. The system then sends visual or audio cues to warn of an impending collision with another vehicle. The development aims to reduce the driver reaction in cases where emergency braking is required and removing any need the driver to react very fast especially when warned in advance.

The technology comes in handy, especially where the driver cannot see other vehicles on the road due to darkness and bad weather. Some manufacturers have gone a step ahead by adding a computerized system that pretensions the seat belts and closes all the windows when the accident is almost imminent to lower the risk of injury.

The technology has been integrated with lane departure warning systems. This feature uses cameras to read the lane markings on the road and warn you when you are driving away from your lane. It prevents a collision with the oncoming vehicle on single lane roads and an overtaking vehicle in a double or multiple lane roads.

There is the blind zone alert that uses rearview mirrors and sensors to warn the drivers of the objects in the blind spots. The blind spots require the drivers to remove their eyes from the road to look behind.  The technology acts as an extra set of eyes so that you know what is happening behind the vehicle while still looking ahead. The technology also comes in handy when you are parking or reversing your vehicle and prevents you from hitting objects right behind the car. Most of the drivers do not see things just next to the back bumper.

Some automakers come with a cross-traffic warning feature that helps the driver to avoid reversing out of the parking spot and into oncoming traffic. This technology uses audio and visual signals to warn the driver of any vehicles that are about to cross their path thereby giving the drivers a chance to get out of the way. Reversing to the on-coming traffic is a very common and yet very dangerous situation on many roads.

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What is in the pipeline for the future?

Manufacturers are looking at driverless technology into the future. This effectively eliminates the human factor in the running of the vehicles. Human error in judgment is the main cause of accidents on the roads. Manufacturers are also looking at wireless technology to enable the cars on the road to talk to each other automatically thereby reducing chances of collision.

How New Car Technology is Making Driving Safer | Auto Insurance | Car Insurance in Cape Coral & Fort Myers FL.

How effective is the technology?

The technology is very effective in preventing a collision on the road if the driver follows the advice of the visual or the audio signals as soon as he gets it on the infotainment system. However, the effectiveness of the sensors and the cameras is sometimes affected by bad weather.

However, the input of the driver is prime to the effectiveness of the system. If the driver fails to act as per the ‘advice’ of the system, the collision will happen.

Over 80 percent of all auto accidents happen due to an error made by one or many road users. It is important that the driver remains alert throughout the entire road trip. Moreover, he or she should know how to use the assistive technology to drive smoothly on the road.

Some of the things that affect the driver’s judgment include intoxication, fatigue, and poor eyesight. Driving under the influence is punishable by the law. It could to a fine and a jail term in addition to having the driver’s license revoked.

It is important to take some rest after several hours of continuous driving. You should also avoid driving if you have an eye problem. Any of these problems may lead to your death, severe injury and other damage. Take caution.

Did you know that an accident-free driving license leads to lower auto insurance premiums? On the other hand, the court may level an extra amount on your auto insurance premiums if it finds you guilty of repeated traffic offenses. Stay safe, use the in car safety technology to enhance your safety on the road. However, ensure that you remain alert throughout trip without relying too much on the technology.

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