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One of the most frightful experiences for a driver or passenger is being in a car crash. According to NSC (National Safety Council), there were more than 40,000 accident fatalities in the year 2016, a 6 percent rise from the previous year. By law, every driver is required to have car insurance, but a recent study by the NSC found that one in eight drivers is not insured.

The insurance cover is meant to protect you and your property in case you are involved in an accident. So, what could really happen if you did not have car insurance?

Licence Suspension Without Auto Insurance

Depending on your state, your license will be suspended for a required amount of time. Your license will be reinstated if you can prove you have insurance cover. If you are a repeat offender, your license could be taken away for good. If this is your first time being caught without a cover, you could get your license back but at the judge’s discretion. However, you will pay insurance premiums at a higher rate.

Do you ever think what could really happen if I didn’t have car insurance?

Your car will be towed

When you are pulled over because of a moving violation, and cannot provide proof of cover, you will first get a ticket. After this, the traffic officer will have your car towed to the impound lot. To have your car released, you would need to show proof of cover. Some impound lots give you up to 72 hours to show proof of cover after which they start an auction process for your vehicle.

Paying for Damages

Most insurance policies offer up to six types of coverages. In case you are deemed to have caused an accident, and you do not have a cover, you will have to pay for the damages from your pocket. You are likely to pay for the other driver’s medical bills and car repairs. The other driver could sue you which would then force you to hire an injury and accident attorney for the lawsuit. The state will slap you with numerous fines. You could pay fines adding up to $5,000.

Jail Time

Driving without insurance coverage is a serious offence. If you cause a fatal accident and you are not insured, the judge can send you to jail.

It is tempting to skip a month of payment and save some cash, but the dangers of driving without one far outweigh the saving. In some states, officers are constantly checking if registered drivers are insured. It is best to pay your insurance premiums on time and avoid all these risks.


Do you ever think what could really happen if I didn’t have car insurance?
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Do you ever think what could really happen if I didn’t have car insurance?
Having car insurance isn’t always the things we like spending our money on. But the risks of not having auto insurance can be very costly also.
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