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Vehicle cover is expensive and with the changes in the economy and unpredictable market conditions, premiums seem to soar. In the United States, a driving license can be obtained at age 16 and by age 17 you can be driving independently on national roads. To ensure safe practice and full vehicle coverage, all adolescents with a valid license and car usage should be insured. Learn how having teenaged licensed children can influence your car insurance.

Insurers require that policy holders meet specific regulatory measures for a vehicle to be insured against accidental damage, personal injury and third-party damage. For parents of adolescents who have obtained their valid driving license and are prepared to drive, it is important that they are added to a policy or have their own form of coverage. Should you decide to add a teen to your insurance cover, the following factors must be considered:

How to File a Car Insurance Claim

Car Insurance Rate Changes

The age, newly licensed and inexperience of younger drivers contribute to categorizing teenagers as high risk. The obvious change of adding younger persons to your current vehicle cover is a policy rate hike. The premiums paid on a monthly or an annual basis will increase when adolescent drivers are included. If your teen does not have a good driving record, the policy premiums are significantly increased. Insurers are looking to protect against exorbitant or frequent claims and drivers with a poor road history are not viewed favorably. Should your child become involved in a vehicle collision while on your policy, your insurance premium will go up.

Independent Car Insurance Policy Options

While teenagers with valid driver licenses can take out their own coverage, it will be far more expensive than assigning them to your policy. The addition of a car to the policy may influence the premium, but you may query discounted rates for having multiple vehicles with the same insurer and policy.

An adolescent on your auto insurance policy will require some modifications to ensure they are provided the necessary protection incompliance with state laws. Learning of minimum regulatory requirements for your region will provide peace of mind that young drivers are adequately insured and will not incur additional penalties.

While mandatory insurance will prevent legal implications, for teenage drivers, it is imperative that extra coverage is provided. Should an inexperienced driver be involved in a car accident and you are not equipped financially, covering the costs of third party damage or personal injuries can prove exorbitant.

Consider features such as roadside assistance including a tow service should your teen find themselves in a difficult situation while driving alone. These additions will increase the expense of the policy premium, whether monthly or annually, but it offers the higher levels of protection that could provide essential support for adolescents when you are not able to help them.

How to Save on Teen Car Insurance Premiums

Adding your teenager to your policy is cheaper than taking out a separate insurance. Encourage good driving practices to avoid vehicle accidents, dings and unnecessary claims that would cause your premiums to rise. These steps can prove most effective in managing the expense of including licensed teens to your car insurance.

How Having a Teenager Affects Your Auto Insurance
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How Having a Teenager Affects Your Auto Insurance
Learn how having a teenage licensed operator will affect your car insurance rates. Learn how to get the best auto insurance rates here in Cape Coral, FL.
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