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If your home is built prior to 2001 and older, I would highly recommend getting a Mitigation Inspection.  A Mitigation inspection will show how your home has been built building code wise for protection against hurricanes.  For homes 2001 and older the mitigation inspection will be the largest factor in savings on your homeowner’s insurance.  All companies will offer discounts for this inspection, and for homes older than 2001 the savings is usually a minimum of $500 to $2000 or more. A mitigation inspection usually cost between $95 to $125 depending on the inspection company. But the savings almost always makes up for the cost of the inspection. It is not mandatory to get a mitigation inspection, but without the inspection you’ll most likely be paying much higher Home Insurance Premiums.

How a Mitigation Inspection Can Get You Cheaper Home Insurance Rates.

Homes built 2002 and newer generally won’t save much money, on their home insurance when getting a mitigation inspection. Homes built 2002 and newer automatically get most of the mitigation discounts available on a homeowner’s insurance policy. The only possible discount the mitigation inspection will prove is the hurricane shutter discount. Generally, the hurricane shutter discount only saves about $75 to $200 on home insurance rates. To qualify for the hurricane shutter discount, all openings, such as windows and doors must have a hurricane rating protection. Also, the garage door needs to have a hurricane rating sticker. Often, we see homeowners have garage doors that should qualify, but they are missing the hurricane sticker, for the wind load rating. If the door doesn’t have this sticker an inspector won’t check the box on the inspection, and the hurricane shutter discount won’t be granted by any insurance company. If your home was built after 2002, it is a building code, that your home has hurricane shutters. But before ordering an inspection make sure that the hurricane rating sticker on the garage door isn’t missing. If that sticker is missing getting the mitigation inspection won’t qualify your home for the hurricane shutter discount.

Mitigation Inspection Explained.


  1. Type of Shingle – After 2002 a new shingle was needed.  Savings $75 to $100 depending on the insurance company.
  2. Size and Spacing of Nail, used on roof decking.  This can only be done from within the home.  Code for roofs was a 6-penny nail.  In 2001 code changed to a 8 penny nail (larger nail) at 12 inches of spacing.  In 2002 code was for an 8-penny nail at 6 inches of spacing (Larger nail, and twice as many used).  When a home is re-roofed the decking may be replaced or it may not be replaced.  Because of this I cannot tell what the nail you have is without the inspection.  This can be a $200 to $500 credit with insurance companies.
  3. Roof to Wall Attachment – This again can only be done from within the home. Most homes have hurricane strapping or hurricane clips which is the largest credit, but again this cannot be applied without the inspection.  $200 to $500 credit with insurance companies.
  4. Roof Geometry – roofs are Hip or Gable.  Homes with a Hip roof will have a $150 to $600 better rate than gable roof homes.  I can see from pictures you have a gable roof.
  5. Construction – Masonry homes are cheaper to insure than wood frame.  Your home is Masonry.
  6. Secondary Water Resistance – Very minimal credit.  This cannot be seen because it is below the shingle.  The only way to prove this is receipts.  Again $20 to $50 credit, not very much
  7. Opening Protection (hurricane shutters) – To get this credit all openings must be protected (all exterior doors, windows, and garage doors) This is a minimal credit with insurance companies.  $50 to $100 savings.