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When it comes to Florida Homeowners Insurance the wind pool concept can be one of the harder ones to understand.

Properties that are within 1,500 ft a major body of water (usually gulf or ocean), are in what is called the Wind Pool.  When a property is in the wind pool usually, Citizens (State Plan), is one of the only options for Wind / Hurricane coverage.  Here is a website regarding the wind pool.  If your home is in the wind pool most home insurance companies will not offer hurricane coverage.  Meaning your homeowners insurance would be what’s called X-Wind.  In this situation insureds, would need to get a wind policy from the state (Citizens Insurance).

What are your Home Insurance Options if you’re in the Wind Pool?

The most common homeowners’ insurance option for homes residing in the wind pool is having 3 policies.

  1. The first policy would be a flood insurance policy
  2. The second policy would be a homeowners’ insurance policy that excludes wind / hurricane coverage. These home insurance policies are known as X-Wind policies.  Meaning they will cover you for the standard home insurance coverage’s, but they exclude the wind and hurricane coverage.
  3. The third policy would then be a Wind Only Insurance Policy. These wind polices cover only wind and hurricane coverage.  The policy again done through the state homeowners insurance company Citizens.  These wind only policies can cover just the home or the home and contents (personal belongings).

Common Coverage Issues Regarding Citizens Wind Only Policies

Normally a home insurance policy would include hurricane coverage, but your home is in a state designated wind pool.  When you are in the wind pool almost always hurricane coverage is excluded.  The way was getting the coverage would be through the state offered wind policy.

Wind Pool – Properties that are within 1,500 ft a major body of water (usually gulf or ocean), are in what is called the Wind Pool.  When a property is in the wind pool usually the only company that will offer wind or hurricane coverage, is Citizens (state).  Most of the time homes in the wind pool will have 3 policies,

  1. Flood,
  2. Homeowners – excluding wind / hurricane
  3. Wind / Hurricane Policy.

Because you’re paying cash for your home hurricane and flood coverage are optional.

  • Liability has a maximum of $100,000. We can do a separate policy (supplement) of $400,000 in coverage for $250.  This would give a total liability of $500,000.  Check with your umbrella carrier to make sure they will allow a supplemental policy to get to their underlying limits requirement of $500,000.
  • Pool Cage not covered